Welcome to the homepage of
phoenix Game Graphic Design.

I am a freelance graphic designer with the special subject of 3d/game graphic design. I hope to show a good summary about my previous work and my abilities with these pages.

Are you looking for a skilled freelance 3d-graphic designer for your project, who has an excellent feeling for the creation of 3d worlds and characters - and has additional skills in programming in C++ and other programming languages? Don't hesitate to contact me:

phoenix Game Graphic Design
Heiko Achilles
Brockhoffstr. 6
45879 Gelsenkirchen

Tel. +49209/29683
Fax +49209/15475

Email: phoenix@phoenixgrafik.de


New version Mesh AK V 1.8
now available for 3ds max 2010 up to 3ds max 2017
(32bit and 64bit)