Programming has been a hobby for me since I was 16 years old. Now while I am working as a Graphics designer it has become an important tool for me to create special effects, improve efficiency, and build workarounds. Of course, I haven't got the skills of a professional programmer, but nevertheless I was able to create some tools which improved the efficiency of our team a lot. 

I am experienced in the following languages and APIs:
- 6502, Z80 and M68K Assembler
- Pascal
- C / C++
- Maxscript
- Max SDK
- QT

Of course, in my daily work Maxscript, C/C++ and the Max SDK are the most important tools for me.  Some of the tasks I met using Maxscript was a manager to improve material handling, a bulk exporting tool for the Renderware exporter, some tiny scripts to improve handling (set the pivot point to center with one click, bulk rename objects etc.). Tasks I met using C/C++ was an improvement to the builtin Max plugin "Assign vertex colors", which could assign vertex colors additively or subtractively, improvements on the Direct X exporter (vertex colors/alpha, doublesided materials, bugfixes...), a plugin for UV coordinates noise and a small manager for copying and renaming network rendering files.

One of the most important tools I created was the tool "Mesh Army Knife", which you can download here. It is a modified version of the standard Max modifier "Edit Mesh" with many improvements, such as UV correction in target weld, bugfixes, a geometry paint tool etc. A detailed description and manual is available too.
The Plugin was compiled for 3ds Max 4.x, and should also work under Max 5 (but this is not guaranteed, as I can't test it).

To install the plugin, just copy the file "MeshAK.dlm" to your 3d studio max plugin directory and restart max.

      Mesh AK 1.8 (32bit & 64bit, for max 2010 up to 2017)

      Description and Manual

      Mesh AK 1.43 (32bit & 64bit, for max 4.2 up to 2009)

I'd be happy about feedback. Please mail me ,if you like Mesh Army Knife, if you've found a bug, if you've got critic or ideas for improvements.