Geometry Paint Feature

Mesh AK has a powerful geometry paint feature allowing to change many aspects of a mesh by a brushstroke. Mesh AK supports tablet drivers. You may change a mesh by simply clicking on it or painting on your tablet. Max' reference coordinate systems are also supported; this allows you for example to sculpt objects in world space (z axis points to top, which is interesting for sculpting landscapes), local space (which is more interesting for modeling, where the z axis points along the normal) or screen space (which is interesting if you want to sculpt surface details of models).

To choose painting via normal, set the reference coordinate system to "local", after clicking the "paint" button. To paint by screen space, set it to "screen".

These are the options all Geometry paint tools have in common:

The various tools, "Sculpt", "Select" etc., may require some additional parameters in some cases. These show up in a separate dialog under the common options, when you chose the tool by the combo box "tool".