MeshAK / Edit Mesh converter utility

With the MeshAK / Edit Mesh converter utility you can convert all MeshAK modifiers in your scene to Edit Mesh modifiers and vice versa. This is useful, if you want to give away a scene, and you don't want the recipient to be forced to install additional modifiers. On the other hand, you can use the new features of Mesh Army Knife also on existing Edit Mesh modifiers (e.g. partial resetting vertices).

You can find this converter in your utility panel under "MeshAK Converter"

Unfortunately, there are two problems with the converter:

Due to the complex nature of the conversion, undo won't work for it and the undo stack has to be cleared completely.

Because of this problems, I strongly suggest to back up your scene before converting!

But besides of all of these warnings, I think it works very good :)